Your Soulful Podcast

E 73: How to Love Yourself

June 08, 2023 Charlotte Beswick
Your Soulful Podcast
E 73: How to Love Yourself
Show Notes

How do you love yourself, in a world telling you not to?

After years of conditioning, society, social media, our upbringings, and the entertainment industry. It leads us to believe we are less than perfect, there is something wrong with us and therefore we don’t love ourselves.

We have become so disconnected from ourselves; judgement, criticism, and negative self-talk are the norm.

So in today's episode, I share -

  • Guidance on how you can love yourself
  • How it’s your greatest gift to yourself, your relationships, your kids AND your family.
  • What the most powerful relationship you can work on this lifetime is
  • Why baths, massage, and exercise are great acts of love but they aren’t really getting to the deeper layers.

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Much Love 😘

Charlotte xx