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E 82: Plant Medicine Retreat + Ceremonies 1 & 2 #Part 2

September 14, 2023 Charlotte Beswick
Your Soulful Podcast
E 82: Plant Medicine Retreat + Ceremonies 1 & 2 #Part 2
Show Notes

The much-awaited episode on my journey to the Peruvian Jungle to sit with Ayahuasca. I couldn’t possibly fit this into one episode, so here is Part 2 and my first few days at the retreat centre and Ceremony 1&2. Part 3 will be next week. 

I get really honest, raw and real about the challenges, emotions and fears that came up for me. The reality is that it is not for the faint of heart and this particular healing journey took me to the depths. Pain, Grief, Trauma - it all came to the surface. It was powerful, beautiful and equally challenging and integration is still happening.

Please note this is my personal experience and not a recommendation for you or what you would get if you decided to embark on a journey with plant medicine. Everyone's journey is unique and individual and there are contraindications to sitting with this medicine.

I pay my respects and honour the traditions of the Indigenous and the Shipibo people, their tribe, lineage and the origins of this powerful medicine. 

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Part 3 of my journey - COMING NEXT WEEK.

Much Love 💕

Charlotte xx

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